Kohler Oct 30, 2020, 15:36 … New KOHLER Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker Brings A Connected Experience to the Shower News provided by. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker, Polished Chrome at Amazon.com. Volume can be a little low for some podcasts. Priscillamvv. Performance and Conclusions Prior to installing the Moxie, I … The Moxie showerhead lets you bring music into the shower with you, instead of leaving a speaker on the bathroom counter and hoping you can still hear it with the water on. If you enjoy listening to music, podcasts, the news, or audiobooks in the shower, but find it impossible to hear the speaker, then check out the cool new Kohler Moxie Showerhead. The sprayface is also made of silicone for easy cleaning, including the area behind the speaker. Kohler has created the Moxie Speaker Showerhead, a Bluetooth waterproof speaker, that is wirelessly connected to your music device. The speaker itself comes in five vibrant colors: navy blue, chartreuse, retro blue, cherry red and original white. Combining a luxurious spray and a high-quality speaker powered by Harman Kardon, the Moxie showerhead turns any shower into an immersive sensory experience. 1:45. Control your routine without ever lifting a finger, and enjoy an immersive, invigorating shower that’s designed just for you. Amazon; Apple: Best Buy; Costco: Newegg; Staples: Target; Walmart . The sprayface features 60 angled nozzles for a full, enveloping rain-like stream. And even with the volume turned all the way up there is no distortion. Easily gear up or wind down with the perfect soundtrack or your favorite podcast. I used a wrench to twist off my old showerhead, then wrapped some Teflon tape around the base of the shower arm to prevent any leakage. Along with that, it will make your bathroom look great and also give you a smart speaker. (Not that there's anything wrong with ebook readers.). There's just a single button on the front of the speaker, which you must press and hold down to activate pairing mode. Now that everyone in the house can bring their own playlist or podcast into the shower, your water bill may be in for a serious beating. © Copyright 2021 Spy Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Media Corporation. Bottom Line: The Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker isn't perfect, but it's still one of the best ways to listen to music in the shower. For this review, I paired the Moxie with an Apple iPhone 4S, an HTC Droid DNA, and an iMac. Anything with a lot of pieces or requires a lot of putting together, makes my eyes cross. Bottom Line: The Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker isn't perfect, but it's still one of the best ways to listen to music in the shower. The speaker pairs with your phone through Bluetooth and connects to the center of the showerhead magnetically, so music sounds like it's coming directly through the water flow. The design is pure genius. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It’s available in water-saving 1.75 gallons per minute (gpm) and 2.0 gpm models, or a 2.5 version, and it comes in four finishes to match your bathroom: white, polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel. Battery life is about 7 hours of playing time for minimal charging. You can even take it with you on the road — the shape is more or less perfect for sitting in the cupholder of your car. Spy Finds is a daily series that unveils the coolest, under-the-radar products that you haven’t heard of until now. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … 8.8. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Kohler Moxie Single-Function Showerhead with Wireless Speaker $77.67. Performance 8.5/10. The attractive, streamlined design is certainly the most useful way to listen to music in the shower that I've encountered. Which is why it took a company that specializes in high-end bathroom fixtures like Kohler to come up with a great new solution. I may not sing along with Taylor Swift songs into a microphone made of bubbles while I shower, but I do like to listen to podcasts. But you need to take precaution against getting them wet. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Kohler K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker, Polished Chrome at Amazon.com. Dealighted analyzed 403 new deal forum threads today and identified 137 that people really like. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in English Writing and Literature from Pace University and got his start editing books before deciding technology would probably be a lot more fun. Kohler Moxie connects to the ring-shaped showerhead via magnets, offers music from wireless speaker and communicate with Amazon’s Alexa voice AI. … In the shower, with the water running and the music at top volume, the Moxie sounds great. For this review, I paired the Moxie with an Apple iPhone 4S, an HTC Droid DNA, and an iMac. Wide Drenching. But it's hard to tell how loud you'll need to pump up the volume on the Moxie to hear it properly once you get into the shower. Terms of use. We review products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. The magnetic speaker sits securely within the shower head and is easily popped out for recharging. Then you can pair it with the Bluetooth device of your choice. So if you're looking for a soundtrack to your morning shower, the Kohler Moxie is a good bet. If you need a new showerhead anyway, then the Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker is definitely a cool upgrade to consider. So I was genuinely curious when Kohler announced the Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker. Audio performance varies from very good to just okay, depending on where you use the speaker and to what you're listening. The design is pure genius. Kohler Moxie - Showerhead And Wireless Speaker All-in-One. To use, just dock your speaker securely into place. The Logitech UE has a richer, fuller sound, thanks to much better bass response, and can really fill up a room with sound. I've tried wrapping my iPhone up in a hand towel and perching it near the shower door, but even there, the volume is just too low. More Cell Phone Reviews:•   Anker Soundcore Flare•   Apple HomePod•   Soundcast VG3•   JBL Bar 2.1•   Creative Pebble•  more. Select Costco locations have the Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker on sale for $149.99 (after instant savings) now through December 24, 2020. It will allow you to sing in the shower with a better background track, practice your close-quarters dance moves, or not miss a single second of your favorite “Morning Zoo” radio show. The Moxie Showerhead created huge buzz at CES 2020; it’s an Alexa-powered smart speaker designed for easy removal and recharging, and it delivers sound as clean as you are after a long shower. Costco is selling Kohler Moxie Showerhead & Wireless (BT) Speaker for $150 (with $40 off) valid until 12/24: $10 cheaper than previous deal. ya gotta see this fine man's butt in the shower in the video). Kohler's new Moxi showerhead and the speaker is the company's new advance shower head, while it is an upgrade to the Kohler Moxi 2.5 shower head that the company introduced with wireless speakers and Bluetooth technology, although the new Kohler Moxie Showerhead has been given a lot of advanced features. Kohler Moxie Showerhead with Integrated Portable Harman Kardon Wireless Speaker Multi-Direction Nozzles for Full Coverage Spray Magnetic Speaker Docking Fully Waterproof Tactile Control Buttons Bluetooth® Technology Bluetooth Capabilities. via uncrate . I'm not very tech savvy. I’m not trying to get my phone wet. All rights reservedPMC Entertainment, Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker, uTurn Custom Turntables Let You Jump on the Vinyl Bandwagon Without Destroying Your Budget, The Best Bottles of Vodka for Every Type of Drinker, Shopping Guide: The Best Massage Guns and Theragun Alternatives of 2020, The 29 Best Face Masks for Running, Cycling & Working Out: Under Armour, Reebok, Adidas, These Are the 17 Highest-Rated Kitchen Knife Sets on Amazon, Smart Plugs Are a Tiny Investment That Turn Your House Into a Smart Home, We Asked a Master Barber How To Cut Your Own Hair at Home Without Screwing It Up. The Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker isn't perfect, but it's still one of the best ways to listen to music in the shower. Aside from the smart showerhead system, Kohler also offers a DTV+ with touchscreen, speaker, and light. Moxie lets you stream your favorite music, news or talk radio right in the shower with you. It has a magnetic design, and pops in and out of the showerhead for easy recharging via the included USB cable. But even as they’ve evolved from your own self-provided pipes to waterproof radios suction-cupped to the wall to the recent waterproof Bluetooth speakers, two things have stayed consistent: They’re one extra piece of paraphernalia in your already crowded shower, and the sound sucks. It has a lifetime limited warranty on the actual unit and a 1 year limited warranty on the wireless speaker. That is $40 off Costco’s new regular price of $189.99. I set it too high and too low just as often as I got it just right. Bottom line, the Moxie is a shower head with a Bluetooth speaker. Search (past 7 days): Costco: Kohler Moxie Showerhead & Wireless (BT) Speaker with off 0 . We took a look at this showerhead at the 2013 International Builders's Show. Best Hosted Endpoint Protection and Security Software, Drop, Cover, and Hold On: How Los Angeles Preps for Disasters, Alexa Can Now Answer Your Questions Using Getty Images, Silicon Valley Vet Takes Over the Computer History Museum, The Best Smart Plugs and Power Strips for 2021. The speaker portion of the Moxie can also be used independent of the showerhead, allowing you to take the device around the house even when the shower is done. If you're at all like me, that should give you about a week's worth of battery life, but then again, I've been told I take "forever" to get ready, so you may get even more mileage out of it. 2.5 GPM Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head -8.5 Diam. Pairing the speaker via Bluetooth is just as simple. I can’t really bring a device in there with me. Simply remove your old showerhead and replace it with Moxie. Today's Deals, by Store. Kohler Moxie Single-Function Showerhead with Wireless Speaker Review. Kohler Moxie Voice smart showerhead speaker that lets you enjoy music during shower, to be showcased at CES2020. I listen to it while I work, in the car, while I clean, even in the shower. The Moxie Bluetooth Speaker will be available for only $99. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more. Each product is curated by our editors who want to help you discover cool finds you didn’t know you needed. If you’ve been on the hunt for a smart showerhead speaker, then this is the product you want. Uskaughtherundi. And if you're unhappy with the volume once you get into the shower, there's no good way to change it—unless you have a waterproof phone, that is. Prices may … Volume buttons and audio issues aside, I really like the Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Speaker. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Kohler Part #: K-28238- on this page. 1:05. The speaker is tuned for the acoustic environment of bathrooms, so your music or podcast or audiobook can easily be heard over the sound of the shower. The volume can be a touch low for certain podcasts, and the speaker doesn't sound too impressive outside of the bathroom, but if you're looking for the ultimate sound-in-the-shower setup, look no further. But it’s kind of hard to listen to music in the shower. The showerhead can sync with these devices as long as they are located not more than 32 feet away. I've even tried searching for a Bluetooth shower radio, but the options are pretty limited. Living / Bathroom. Kohler Moxie Bluetooth Shower Head Unboxing & … Kohler's Moxie showerhead promises to stream music from a variety of devices through its portable speaker. Item #1600301. A USB cable is included. The Moxie Showerhead created huge buzz at CES 2020; it’s an Alexa-powered smart speaker designed for easy removal and recharging, and it delivers sound as clean as you are after a long shower. When you take the speaker out of the shower, however, it doesn't measure up quite as well. The Alexa smart speaker version will be sold for $159. Compared with the $100 Logitech UE Mobile Boombox, the Moxie sounds treble-heavy, with very little emphasis on the low-end. Date First Available : 1 Aug. 2015 : Warranty & Support. KOHLER K-1053532 Insert Laminar, 1.5 Gpm, Small Review. The showerhead itself works very well, and the Bluetooth speaker sounds excellent while you're soaping up. Volume is sufficiently loud, and audio sounds crisp and clear. Installing the Moxie was simple. Customer Reviews: 3.8 out of 5 stars 262 customer ratings: Shipping Weight: 658 g: Delivery Destinations: Visit the Delivery Destinations Help page to see where this item can be delivered. November 2014 | Cindy Rodriguez. And I don't want to bring in a dedicated pair of speakers, because they wouldn’t match the somewhat serene aesthetic I'm attempting to cultivate in my bathroom. Kohler’s Moxie® Single-Function Showerhead with Wireless Speaker Review. The Moxie gets very loud—definitely loud enough to listen to all of your music. This ingenious showerhead has a magnetically removable speaker in the center that pairs wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Additionally, since the Moxie is detachable, you can use it in other areas where you might want a waterproof speaker, like in the kitchen or on the beach. Another issue is volume itself. Pros. Both of those sound better than the Moxie, and get you speakerphone functions as well.